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Property Evaluation

We look at many factors, including competition, price per square foot, and the best use of space. We have had finished plans sent to us and were able to add 46 more units in the same square footage!

Get Your Rendering

Once we determine the many factors that play into it, we will provide you with renderings of your complete unit mix that you can send directly to your builder! It’s easy, just like that!

Maximize Your Property

Most developers, especially new ones in the self-storage industry, have little or no idea where to start when designing the best mix for their property. 

You can offer all the bells and whistles that go along with a facility, but if your mix does not serve the clients in your demographic, you can end up with a “flop,” and your property will not bring in revenue to its full potential.

Our Services

Custom Unit Mix Design

We help our clients create a unit mix design that maximizes the best possible rentable net square footage for their project, based on gross building size & lot dimensions. You get a concept drawing plus a spreadsheet showing your gross potential income for your particular project.

Site Plan Review & Consultation

We will analyze your initial site plan and provide a concept drawing based on setbacks & available utility locations. This will also include any topo and site work considerations that would maximize your lot space for your future self-storage project.

Custom Building Design & Renderings

We work with clients & architects to create an exterior building style & façade. Then produce a rendering to provide to your local city planning commission for approval to move forward.

Construction Plans Review & Analyzation

We help our clients by reviewing their construction plans to insure they are complete and not missing specific items that could potentially affect their project budget.

Mechanical, Plumbing & Electrical Review

We help our clients navigate through the difficult task of evaluating the cost and nature of your MEP design drawings to ensure that the client is not being over engineered for their particular project.

Liaison Between Architectural & Civil Engineering

We help our clients by intermediating their project needs between architectural & civil engineering firms. This will create a communication strategy that is conducive to the success of the project. We can also recommend architects & civil engineers that we have worked with in the past on our own projects.

Liaison Between Steel Building / Hallway & Door Systems Contractor

We have built several facilities and have a close relationship with our metal building / hallway & door systems contractors. We help our clients by intermediating communication between these entities and your particular project. This also requires managing the communication between the architect & civil engineering.

Project Construction Management Oversite

We can oversee all aspects of your project construction by providing direction and critical problem solving on issues that arise from the field. We will coordinate with the Civil, Architect, Metal Building company, Hallway & Door Systems company & the General Contractor in the field for your project. We can also recommend a Commercial GC for your project provided you are located within our region.

Project Budget Consulting

We can analyze your project budget to ensure you have all the main categories covered.

General Contractor Project Bid Analysis

We can help you navigate through the project bid phase & advise you on what questions to ask & how to move forward in selecting a General Contractor for your project.

Customized Design for Your Storage Facility

There is no Instant Unit Mix Package! Developers will purchase the standard building package 9 times out of 10 with a unit mix that works best for the installer. We want your unit mix to work best for YOU! 

A+ Management Group can take all the guesswork from this tedious, overwhelming task. 

We do this every day and have built and designed self-storage facilities for over 10 years.

Unit Mix Design

We offer this service for new construction, additional phases, and outdoor parking designs, and we do it for one Flat Rate based on the size of your project. We don't nickel and dime you for every little thing or base it on hours you have no control over. So, what are you waiting for? Schedule a complimentary consultation, and let’s get you in the right unit mix and take the stress away today!

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