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Third-Party Self Storage Property Management

A+ Management Group. LLC provides exceptional third-party self storage management services. Since we have done it ourselves, we truly understand the business from the ground up. We will relieve you of the day-to-day tasks of operating your site, and you will be confident to have someone who knows how to successfully operate a storage facility represent your investment.

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Our Specialties

Our Specialties

Maximized Revenue

We use technology and tools that take the guesswork out of managing your rental rates, rental increases, special offers and marketing dollars. 

Reporting Tools

From accounting to occupancy statistics, daily deposits to log in history, we have a report for just about anything you could ask for. We send a daily snapshot of all of the transactions at your property so you are in the know! 

Human Resources

We have an incredible reputation when it comes to hiring talent to manage your property. Using background checks and an extensive interview process, we narrow down that overwhelming list of candidates to hire the best. We handle training, ongoing education, payroll, bonus pay, health insurance benefits and workers comp.  

Auction/Lien Procedures

Don’t take a chance on human error when it comes time to hold a lien sale. We handle everything from the first late notice to sale day. We send the letters and use an online auction platform to make sure you are getting the most exposure possible for your sales. We are always up to date on current lien laws and state regulations. 

Bookkeeping and Payroll

We provide daily and monthly reporting along with payroll, payroll taxes and workers comp. 


If you are considering a 3rd party management company, our first consultation is always FREE. We also have customizable packages for consulting. Whether it is unit mix, location, design, paint colors, pre-opening, staff training or a workshop for your team members, we can help. 

Pre-Opening and Office Set Up

Using our tried and true 90-day timeline, we will have your facility up and running like clockwork.

Daily Operations

Operation is our specialty! We handle your equipment, office supplies, banking, auditing, reporting, community outreach, marketing, leasing, payments and auctions. And that is just the beginning.

Let Us Help

Let Us Help

Employee Training

All employees receive extensive training and support in person and remotely. Personalized training books are made for every property we manage along with an Employee Handbook that clearly explains our mission and our policies. Our training never stops and will continue throughout the entire time you are a client with us. 

Site Auditing

It is necessary to audit your property at least twice a year. We check your banking deposits, files and documents for correct information, your physical site, inventory levels, occupancy data and maintenance issues along with several other things. 


We believe in marketing to our neighbors! Along with online presence and other community advertising, we want our staff to be friends with your local community leaders. From taking goodies to an apartment complex staff to sponsoring a local event, we hit marketing on all levels. 


We believe in continuing education and sign up our locations as members of their state Self Storage Association.  Luncheons, trade shows, state conferences and national conferences play a huge role in our success. We want our staff to be the best they can be. We also subscribe to industry trade magazines and participate in webinars as well as have our employees complete a certification program with our software vendor. 


We encourage our staff to become involved in their community. We join the local Chamber of Commerce, support our police and fire departments, donate time, sponsor local events and support local charity. 

Vendors and Maintenance

We have an extensive list of partners that we have worked with for several years. We have found the best and use the best. Please see our Partners page for a list of vendors and links to their websites. 

Due Diligence

We are happy to assist with due diligence if you decide to sell your property. We do it for a flat fee and do not nickel and dime you for every little thing.